Autism Assessment

Private paediatric care

Private paediatric services are carried out at Eastbourne DGH which means that our private services for children and young people are backed-up by a full range of other NHS paediatric facilities.

You can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that many of the South East’s leading NHS trained Paediatric specialists work at Eastbourne Hospital.

Please contact us to discuss whether we can assist your child.

Private Autism Assessments

East Sussex Private Healthcare offers a high quality private autism assessment that is equivalent to that offered within the NHS. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether your Local Authority will accept the results of the private diagnosis.

The assessments will take place on the Scott Unit within Eastbourne DGH. Other companies offering private autism assessments have limited services and facilities. Choosing to have your assessments with us means we have the complete range of paediatric diagnostic techniques at our disposal. We can create the most appropriate treatment path for your child from the outset.

Close liaison with other NHS paediatric services means that the results of the autism assessments will be part of your child’s NHS record, helping to ensure continuity of care for your child with other organisations and professionals.

There are three types of assessment on offer:

  1. Paediatrician initial assessment (Stage 1): In which the Paediatrician speaks with the family about detailed developmental history and examines the child to possibly conclude a diagnosis or make recommendations for further assessment.
  2. ADOS assessment only (Stage 2): In which a Pediatrician and Speech and Language Therapist make a combined observation of the child to conclude the assessment. This assessment requires a prior developmental history and assessment, or equivalent, to have been carried out.
  3. Combined full assessment (Combined stage 1 and 2 package): In which the Paediatrician and Speech and Language Therapist or Psychologist work together to gain full developmental history, examination and ADOS observation of the child.

The Fees
  1. The Paediatrician initial assessment (Stage 1): £950.
  2. ADOS assessment only (Stage 2): £1150.
  3. Combined full assessment (Combined Stage 1 and 2 package): £1700.

All our profits are reinvested into services at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, meaning that our income supports the healthcare needs of the wider community.

For More Information

For further information, or to book an appointment, please contact: 01323 413982 (office hours Monday to Friday 8 am to 5.30 pm). Alternatively you can email the Michelham Unit